Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Save Cellular Data and Battery Life - #iOS12Steps

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Save Cellular Data and Battery Life

Here are some battery & data saving tips.  If you feel there were some unexplained boost in your cellular data usage then adjust the settings below to help save your data and overage charges. If your battery is dies quickly these tips can help as well.  They go hand in hand so try to adjust as many as you are willing to modify. It’s super easy if you know where to look!

A recent iOS update combined with a bunch of software updates recently exceed 2GB! Make sure you are on WiFi Only for these or your entire month of data could be gone.

  1. Settings > Cellular: Data
    1. This is the place to control how you use your cellular data and turn it off / on.
    2. Turning Roaming Off can also save unexpected charges and you can turn it on when needed.
    3. Here you can check your cellular data for each app and system resource.
    4. Go through each one and turn off all the apps you use on WIFI only.  If you are unsure turn it off and it will remind you when you try on cellular data.
  2. Settings > Cellular: System Services & Reset Statistics
    1. Here you can check how much data is being used by system services (Siri, Push for Mail, iTunes, Messaging, Voicemail, updates, etc).
    2. Scroll down to the bottom below “System Services” and you can “Reset Statistics” to start a current analysis of how much data you use per app.
  3. Settings > iTunes & App Store: Automatic Downloads
    1. Turn offUse Cellular Data” so these large updates only happen while connected to WiFi.
    2. I leave Music & Books off and take care of those downloads manually to save space on my iPhone.
  4. Settings > FaceBook > Settings (optional)
    1. Since there is no way to turn off Videos automatically playing on the iPhone, I turn offUse Cellular Data” unless I am traveling and keep it on during the trip.  
  5. Settings > General > Background App Refresh
    1. Here you can save some valuable battery life by turning off apps you do not want to refresh automatically.  You can go to the app and refresh manually.  As you can see above, I keep it on for FaceBook but turn off for most others that do not use location services while mobile.
  6. Settings > Notifications
    1. Sometimes there are too many Notifications for each app.  Reduce your time, battery usage and data checking by reducing notifications (Badges, Sounds, Alerts, etc).
  7. Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars: Fetch New Data
    1. I like to “Push” my primary email account and “Fetch” my secondary accounts hourly to save on battery.
  8. Settings > Photos & Camera
    1. Turn Off “iCloud Photo Library” unless you want to access and sync every photo and video on iCloud.
    2. Leave “My Photo Stream” on unless you want to save more battery life.  Luckily, this setting is via WiFi only.  
  9. Settings > iCloud > iCloud Drive
    1. Turn off any data you do not need stored in iCloud for individual apps.
    2. To further reduce data transmission on cellular, turn OFF  “Use Cellular Data” a the bottom of this menu.
  10. Settings > Display & Brightness
    1. Turn Off “Auto-Brightness” and set your brightness level as low as you can to save battery life.  
    2. You can also access this quick setting by swiping up from the bottom on your home screen or lock screen.
  11. Settings > Do Not Disturb
    1. This ensures you won’t get bothered while sleeping unless it is an emergency.
    2. Turn on and set your Schedule from bedtime to wake up time.
    3. You can choose to allow call from your favorites on your phone or any specified group.
    4. I keep “Repeated Calls” on case of an emergency.
    1. Reduce data transmission and battery life by keeping only currently used apps running.
    2. Double click on your home screen to see all your apps running.
    3. Swipe up on the app to quit the application.
      1. Check your Battery Status per each app by going to :
        1. Settings > General > Usage > Battery Usage

All the Best,
Ricky Cortez, CEO

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